What We Believe (Affirmation)

We believe there is One God whose essence is Light, embodying all that is pure and good, and expressing the Universal Spirit of Harmony and Love.

We believe every man, woman and child is is born into this life with the right to knowledge, happiness, and self-determination (free will).

We believe physical, emotional, and spiritual balance are the essential keys to wellness (Whole Being), and that Good Thoughts, Good Words, and Good Deeds are stepping stones to spiritual fulfillment and union with the Light.

We believe the Universe is governed by natural laws which have existed from the dawn of time. There are no coincidences: Karma is the divine law of cause and effect.

We believe that by studying these natural laws and their effects on the material world, we can experience a spiritual revelation and harmonize with the Universal Mind. This application of natural and divine principles is the Science of Life.

We believe that by expressing love and light, we harmonize with the Universe, and our lives become fulfilled, our souls become beacons of light, guiding others toward the Light.

We believe Earth is Godís temple. It is the duty of every enlightened soul to protect this sacred shrine from defilement and pollution.

We believe life is a teaching ministry: we are all students, and we are all teachers. It is our Dharma (duty) to share the fruits of our knowledge in the classroom of life so that every seeker can achieve self-realization, a return to Light, and reunion with the Universal Mind.

We believe in the immortality of the Soul and affirm that birth and rebirth are a process of growth allowing the soul to evolve from imperfection to perfection, from darkness to Light, from despair to joyous tranquility, as we journey on the Path to Enlightenment.

We believe that by studying the writings and teachings of all the Prophets and Messengers down through the ages, this spiritual awakening can be further advanced.

We affirm that every seeker has an absolute right to freedom of religious belief and expression, and the right to seek Truth and Light on whatever spiritual path their conscience may dictate.

We believe every disease of body, mind and soul can be healed through the power of prayer and age-old natural healing processes which restore wellness and an enlightened state of Whole Being.

We believe it is the duty of every enlightened soul to defend the weak, protect the helpless, guide the lost, and inspire the hopeless, for it is written that the meek shall inherit the earth.

We affirm and commit ourselves to a Spiritual Revolution, the goal of which is world peace and an awakening to the spiritual mysteries and higher truths. It is the Dharma of every enlightened soul to sow the seeds of this transformation wherever they go and to express the Celestial Spirit of Love and Light in every thought, word, and deed.

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