Fall 2009 Calendar

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This Fall, we are pleased to offer a free course "Self-Help for Stress: How to Make the Best of These Difficult Times." This inspiring five-week class begins Monday, October 12, 2009. There are no prerequisites and everyone is welcome to attend!

    What you will learn in this course...

    This uplifting, five week course presents a down-to-earth and easy-to-follow guide to taking control of your life, recognizing daily stress sources, and solving problems through constructive action. You will learn to discard the negative at the root of most stress and conflict in daily living, how to build self-worth, and how to use affirmative decision making. Weekly lessons emphasize positive thinking and present a series of gentle exercises which train the mind to stay calm and allow individuals to take control of their lives. Lesson topics include Simple Relaxation Techniques, Meditation Made Easy, Will the Real Me Please Stand Up, Setting Realistic Goals, and Loving and Accepting the New Me.

    Curriculum: Five week course. No textbook required. No prerequisites.

If you are a VU user, you will need to subscribe and create a new Web Desk to participate in this course. The procedure for creating a new desk and logging in is exactly the same as for VU, and you probably can set up a desk using the same 6-digit User ID that you have been using at VU. To create a new desk for yourself now, just follow this link.

We hope you will enjoy this new online community and that you will become a frequent visitor and active participant.

Do you have friends or co-workers who might enjoy this free summer course? Please encourage them to visit our site and reserve a front row seat in the class by visiting http://highermind.net/newdesk.html. You can also help spread the word by adding a link to HigherMind.Net on your blog or any web page [click for details].

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